About Us

Automate The World

Entra Mechatronics is a young and dynamic tech startup with a sound engineering background where we aim to design and develop automated technology in various sectors to promote the well being of oneself by saving time and improving the efficiency of the products, hence giving you more time for yourself.


Innovate consumer products for easier living through Mechatronics.


Improving lives through automation.


The journey to the formation of Entra Mechatronics Pte. Ltd had been preceded by months of hardwork and vision by two young college students, Mr Mukesh Rawala and Mr. Thomas Koshy working together on a dream to create products that could change the world. As the young engineers who pursued their Mechatronics degree from SRM University in India ,decided to come together and initiate this journey to create a product in the industry; they came across two powerful businessmen Mr Sanjeev Korada and Mr Lee Ann Khoo who decided to help grow these ideas and products into a reality. Thus, now a four member team strives to create various innovative products for use in daily life and make errands easier.